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The pressure to innovate quicker has never been so strong. It’s crucial to be faster at getting more products out of the development lab and into the market before competitors and emerging brands can. More and more we hear the market debuting new brands and climbing to the top of their category after having only just been introduced to consumers.

How do you get vital consumer insights earlier to find, develop and scale the right ideas?

Agility in Innovation

A solution to obtain insights quickly, eFive is the perfect solution to include in your agile product development process. With data, quickly screen out promising but risky ideas and push through rigorous stage gate mechanisms.”. With eFive, you can pivot fast, with minimal deviation and meet deadlines.

The same 65 years of consumer & product research that Curion has always provided now translates to actionable insights available for your full range of brands to accommodate all product development situations. Not testing no longer needs to be the reality. With real consumer data, slim down your funnel with options that are most accepted. 

Configure business processes to support real innovation and accelerate product development.

Drives Early Decision Making

Business leaders often expect to see very mature concepts, even early in development. Find out how much consumers like your product and arm yourself with data to prove your product or concept will be successful early on. Break free from conventional wisdom and inject new thinking into the development processes through use of external resources in your development and design process.

Curion is your partner in research, testing, design, and provides a way to understand consumers’ reactions to products and prototypes without increasing headcount.

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