Consumer Insights for Emerging Brands

Ensure Success

Create with confidence. Launch with certainty. Grow with clarity. eFive gives emerging brands fast, accurate insights from industry-leading sensory and consumer research experts to reduce the risk of marketplace failure. With access to world-class facilities, research services, and experience backed by Curion’s proven methods and fresh thinking, emerging brands can seize market opportunity at lower cost and with less risk. 

Sensory Science

Understand why consumers prefer one product over another, how to improve your product, or how it performs in comparison to the competition. Sensory science is a research method that evokes and analyzes consumers’ responses to products that invoke the human senses. Using this approach ensures cost-effective early-stage development of products consumers will embrace.

Central Location Testing

Access rapid feedback from target consumers. Acceptance testing helps you understand consumers’ reactions to your products and packaging or identify concept dissonance early in product development. Qualified respondents recruited from our extensive database participate in product evaluations at one of our facilities to provide usage feedback as well as attitudes on product categories.

Home Use Testing

Get insights on how your product performs in a real-world setting. Participants use and evaluate your product in their home environments for a specific period of time, helping you understand how your product performs without the controlled conditions of central location testing. Products can be picked up from a single location or sent to participants’ homes.  

Focus Groups

Hear verbal feedback in real time from consumers recruited from our extensive database. Client moderators guide participants in evaluating key aspects of product concepts or performance. Their insights help you investigate ideal product components, explore purchase behavior, understand why they like a product, determine if it performs as described, and more, all to give you robust research insights.

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